Sundash 332 Pro-1:

(Max tanning time is 15 minutes) This sleek and comfortable tanning bed offers 32 super power 120 watt UV lamps plus one, 400 watt high pressure facial lamp and a body fan. This bed is ideal for those who prefer a slightly red, "fresh off the beach" tinge to the skin after tanning.

Here are the savings plans offered for our Level I Bed:

  • Beach Pass: Unlimited tanning with 3 month minimum.
    No start-up fee. Auto-charge to credit card EFT.
    Cost: $23.79
    (Single Session: $13.00)
  • Packages: 10 tans or 5 tans, used anytime over a period of up to 5 years
    10 tans: $100.00
    5 tans: $55.00
  • Monthly Unlimited Tans:
    Cost: $69.79 for one month
    (Single Session: $13.00)

    10% Student and Senior (62+ years old) discount with valid ID