Prestige 1100:

(Max tanning time is 10 minutes) This top of the line bed offers the ultimate tanning experience, loved by beginners and experienced tanners alike. The bed offers 52 UV lamps and a new facial tanning system with 4 ultra performance-plus high pressure lamps, and three additional 25 watt low pressure UV-B lamps, AND two powerful high pressure shoulder tanners. What more could you ask for when looking for a natural looking, bronzed and beautiful tan in as little as ten minutes per session.

The exclusive Climatronic Plus, with transparent acrylic panels at both the head and foot, allow for custom support and temperature control for each tanner. For those who enjoy a little aromatherapy while they tan, or a fresh and cooling mist effect, both are available on the Prestige 1100, along with your choice of music via MP3, CD or your own phone. Easy to use control panels along with voice guide make this bed worthy of its name.