The Mystic Tanning System is a self-contained unit within a private room so you have complete and total privacy as you tan. The Mystic system provides you with a choice of Luminous Light, Magical Medium, and Dazzling Dark base cartridges and offers you the option of adding on a fragrance and/or a "boost" to help darken your spray tan, or an accelerator that will help your tan develop in a shorter time span. The Mystic Tanning System is completely chemical-free and is applied via compressed air. It also provides a line of at-home self tanners that are perfect for those who want the ability to "touch up" in between visits to the salon, or while on vacation.

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The NYS Dept of Health prohibits the use of indoor tanning facilities by individuals younger than 18 years of age. Those 17 years old and younger may use the Mystic Spray Tanning System only.